Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

Shoulder pain can hamper many of your daily activities. Every movement of your hands and arms will eventually radiate back to your shoulder. If your shoulder is injured due to a car accident or a slip and fall injury, extensive damage may be present.

Signs you May need a Chiropractor:

  • Pain persists for more than a few days
  • Cannot carry anything with that arm
  • Cannot use that arm
  • Pain occurs during rest
  • Cannot raise the arm
  • Bruising or swelling in the shoulder

Common Treatments For Shoulder Pain

Before starting any treatments on your own, we recommend talking with our Chiropractors as there are some treatments that can make a shoulder injury worse (such as stretching the muscles and tendons when they may be torn or sprained).

Some common at home treatments are:

  • Rest
  • Ice/Heat
  • Stretch

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